Autumn mushroom picking in le Hameau



Autumn mushroom picking in le Hameau

Once the nostalgia of summer has passed, often swept away by an overcrowded back-to-school period, the All Saints' Day holidays are the promise of a lovely autumnal interlude in which the mountains are the ideal setting for those in search of space and walks in the fresh air.

This autumn, the Hameau du Renard Blanc in Haute-Savoie invites its guests to discover the slopes of the mountain ranges decked out in their most beautiful colours and to go in search of mushrooms! A gathering in the middle of nature accompanied by a high mountain guide whose expertise will guide the guests to gather a quantity of chanterelles, trumpets of death and other ceps which will no longer hold any secrets for anyone!

After half a day's quest to smell the undergrowth, tread the carpet of leaves and grab the precious mushrooms, it is with a full basket and a smile on their face that the guests return to their chalet to meet up with the estate's Chef in order to feast on this superb booty. At the chalet, while the crackling of the fireplace offers a nice introduction to the evening, the Chef is at work in the kitchen to sublimate the harvest and serve the guests an exceptional dinner: the fruit of their now rewarded efforts!

A life-size family holiday in the luxurious comfort of the 4 chalets on the estate which, in addition to the experiences on offer, also offer numerous services such as: internet/wifi access, room service and, depending on the chalet chosen, a home cinema room, a hammam or a Jacuzzi so that everyone can feel at home!

Check our offer " Autumn Mushroom Picking " at the Hameau du Renard Blanc.

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Our Chalets are getting a complete makeover for the coming winter ! This fall is a very exciting time for Le Hameau du Renard Blanc, we redesigned our 4 Chalets to offer an ever more tailored experience. Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Le Hameau and discover our newly decorated areas! Home Gym, massage room, cinema room, cosy kids dormitory, private function … We thought about every detail to make your stay exceptional!

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